Shanghai International Airport Exhibition 2015

Event Information

  • Organiser: Shanhgai Eastbest International
  • Date: 10.06.2015
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Website:

Chinese civil aviation develops constantly and rapidly, the scope of transportation is expanding. Since 2005, the total Chinese civil aviation transportation turnover (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) has maintained the second place in the world.

The total investment of Civil Aviation Authority during the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan will exceed $ 1.5 trillion, the investment increased by 50% relative to the period of 11th Five-Year Plan, 56 new airports, 16 airports transferred, 91 airports transferred and extended, a total of 163 projects, more than 1,900 aircrafts.

It is expected that by the end of period of "the 12th Five-Year Plan", the traffic volume of passengers will reach 450 million people; the number of transport airport will reach more than 220 (175 currently); fleet size rose from more than 2600 currently to over 4500. Local governments will greatly support the development of the aviation industry.

By 2020, Chinese civil aviation will achieve over 140 billion tons km of total transport turnover, passenger transport volume over 700 million people, the proportion of passenger turnover will account for 25% in the national integrated transport system.

Civil Aviation Administration further proposed to build new generation of civil air transportation system recently, the system will make full use of emerged modern communications, precise positioning, computer networks, computer-aided decision-making and other advanced science and technology to introduce, digest and absorb innovative road. I. Airport construction equipment and technology:

Exhibition purposes, characteristics

Establishing a cooperation and exchange of international platform for Chinese and foreign airport industry manufacturers and suppliers to promote China's civil aviation industry.

In the sole themed exhibition for China’s Airport Construction, we will invite the civil aviation authority, civil aviation leader, airport operator, airlines operators, investors, developers and suppliers together, commonly exchanging opinions and information, making more and more cooperation partners in this colorful event.