The 12th International Smart Airport Development Forum 2024

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As a new technological change in the global tourism industry, smart airport is profoundly changing the way people travel, and has become an inevitable trend in the global aviation industry. In recent years, smart airport worldwide has made breakthrough achievements in the fields of security, service, operation, logistics and integrated transportation. Although the construction of smart airport has many advantages, it also faces some challenges. For example, the construction cost is high, the technology application is complex, the security risk increases and other problems, therefore, the airport must be clear about its own production needs, establish a systematic thinking. An efficient smart airport should not only do a good job of top-level design, but also constantly find problems in the construction stage, and constantly analyze industry policies, national policies and international environment, only in this way can the best path be found.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, China plans to add about 68 new civil airports, upgrade and expand 44 civil airports, and relocate one civil airport, with an investment scale of 1,509.8 billion yuan. Driven by multiple policies and technologies, the construction of new airports in China is transforming into all-field, all-factor and all-life cycle. In the future, as the practice scenario of smart airport continues to expand from passenger service and production scheduling to intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent maintenance and other directions, “smart +” will not only open new space for airport development, but also bring real convenience and efficiency to passengers. International Smart Airport Development Forum invites airport units, airlines, research institutes, new technology suppliers, advanced equipment manufacturers to participate in the event, discuss together, and look forward to the future development of China’s smart airport.

Hot Topics

  1. Continuous Exploration of Digital Development of Shanghai Airport
  2. Technology Empowers the Intelligent Construction of Airport Comprehensive Transportation
  3. “Super Brain” behind the Flight Operation Safety —Integrated Airport Centre(IAC)of Hangzhou Airport
  4. From Data Collection to Insight Analysis – the Core of Airport Data Governance
  5. Data Governance Practices Accelerate the Efficiency and Stable Development of Smart Airport

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Shanghai Society of Aeronautics

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Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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