Survey - Participate in the COVID-19 Passengers with Reduced Mobility Survey

Event Airport PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) Leadership Conference
Organiser Ozion
Event Date 09.12.2020
Press Release Date 03.11.2020

Ozion’s ‘PRM COVID-19 PRM Recovery Survey’ explores the implications of the ongoing pandemic on PRM operations (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) along with the consequences and reactive measures applied by aviation stakeholders.

A collective desire among participants will provide a comparative insight into how airports and service providers have adapted their operations and drafted best practice policies as the world of air travel progressively emerges from a state of collapse to recovery.

The results will be derived from a targeted sample PRM stakeholders (B-level, C-level), including representatives from airports, institutions, airlines, authorities, regulators, and service providers.

If you are involved in PRM operations your participation is critical in striving towards industry collaboration and intelligence sharing.

To take part in the survey click here.



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