Air Cargo Automation


The Air Cargo Terminal is the signature element in the modern International Airports’ operations; it widens borders and facilitates export and import, accelerates the logistic processes, and gives high added value for the Air Cargo shipping.

The Logistics today is not only about movement; it is about masterplan, algorithm, speed, and innovation of needs to support travel links and customer calls, marshalling and successful organization. Global economy gives opportunities to the countries to rapidly exchange and deliver the goods, perishables, pharmaceutical products, dangerous goods. To serve the dynamic import and export transit relationship, there is a need for a modern Air Cargo Terminals. Undeniably, of course, the automation needed within must be incorporated accordingly to support such rigorous demands.

Advances Logistic Systems has successfully delivered Automated Air Cargo Terminals, integrating complex systems such as the Elevating Transfer Vehicles, Automated Storage and Retrieval Machines, workstations, Truck Docks, Conveyors, Scanning devices, IT and PLC technologies… The Automated Air Cargo facilities drastically increase the storage capacity of Cargo and provides swift handling for the Air Freight customers.

Air Cargo Handling Systems

  • (ETV) Elevating Transfer Vehicles
  • ULD High Bay Storage
  • Integral interface to the Airside and Landside
  • Temperature-controlled storage for perishables and Pharmaceutical products
  • Ergonomic Workstations
  • Automated and Gravity Conveyors, Roller Decks, Castor Decks and Ball Decks
  • Turntables
  • Right Angle Decks
  • Salve Pallet Movers and Slave Pallets
  • Truck Docks
  • ULD and Goods Lifts
  • Dimensioning and scanning Systems
  • IT and PLC Systems