Airbus Prosky ATC Flow Management System


Airbus ProSky is committed to enhancing the performance and support of modern ATM systems such as Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) in Europe and the Next-Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) in the US.

A major goal of Airbus ProSky is to accelerate the implementation of these two programmes and link them together by capitalising on their technological, operational and commercial synergies.

By taking a multi-dimensional approach including operational, technical and financial, Airbus ProSky will deliver next-generation services and systems needed for improved performance, today.

  • While the general public typically views ATM transformation as a sweeping set of technological changes in air navigation service provider (ANSP) infrastructure, the transformation must run deeper and further if we are truly going to support safe and environmentally sustainable air transportation growth for the next decade and beyond.
  • This transformation must extend not only political and geographic boundaries, but also beyond the lines of traditional separation among ATM suppliers, users and stakeholders. The themes of collaboration must run both technologically and culturally.
  • Clearly, the future ATM system brings a new model of collaboration between ground-based and airborne capabilities that was not possible in the past. Airbus ProSky is dedicated to supporting collaborative decision-making (CDM) and the communication between ANSPs, aircraft operators and airport authorities for the benefit of the total system.