Airfield Sweeper FAUN TERRAJET


Thanks to its modular design, the TERRAJET can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of any airport. Whether you need to clean taxiways, runways or the apron, the high-performance TERRAJET can do it all with ease.

The TERRAJET comes with FAUN´s patented air circulation system as standard, which guarantees the lowest emission values in the expelled air.

The TERRAJET comes with hydrostatic drive HS 2000, which safely completes all sweeping tasks in the required area at speeds between 0 and 40 km/h with lowest possible environmental impact and CO2 emission. Alternatively, the TERRAJET is also available with an auxiliary engine.

If you require it, the TERRAJET has the option to recover the stand cleaning detergent and hot water. Equipped with a Glycol recovery and oil and fuel spill removal the TERRAJET is your companion for a clean airport.

  • 15–19 t chassis
  • Suction superstructure sweeper in two sizes
  • Reliable collection of debris at speeds of up to 40 km/h
  • FAUN air circulation system
  • Water tank volumes TERRAJET 7: 1,200 l (Additional 1.700 or 2.000 l)
  • Water tank volumes TERRAJET 9: 2,000 l (Additional 1.200 or 1.700 l)