Airport Hive® Forecasting


Rapidly model income, cost and capacity
Re-energise your airport business planning and budgeting needs using Airport Hive Forecasting. Save time and resource by rapidly modelling income, cost and capacity using flexible rulesets, the powerful flight schedule builder and variable passenger loads.

Forecast passenger volumes
Airport Hive Forecasting allows you to quickly reassess your airline customer needs by rapidly modelling flight schedules and passenger volumes based on your evolving travel demand.

Predict your future income
Model CAPEX position scenarios over the next days, weeks, months or years to factor in travel disruption such as Covid-19 and create clear income models for each scenario.

Control your business plan & data security
Lock down your highly confidential commercial information and restrict access to your price sensitive data through user access control, data integrity and application security.

  • Build your flight schedule
  • Apply your passenger volumes
  • Model aviation income
  • Model retail income
  • Business planning & forecasting
  • Secure information management