AirTOP – Airport and Airspace Modeling


Airport and Airspace modeling

AirTOP is the leading modeling platform providing support to assess and improve airspace, airport airside and passenger terminal capacities. The modular software allows scenario editing, simulation and reporting for airspace and airport environments through a single sophisticated interface that includes highly interactive 2D maps and 3D views. The WIZer module for ACCs and Airports, connects to live data streams, presents short term forecasts of air traffic complexity, controller workload and airport performance indicators, and offer real-time what-if-analysis functions to provide airport and airspace demand capacity balancing.

  • Airport and Airspace modelling software
  • Assess and improve airport airside capacities
  • Assess and improve airport runway capacities
  • Assess and improve airport terminal capacities
  • Can be used off-line or connected to live data feeds
  • Used by major ANSPs, Airport Authorities, Service Companies and Research Labs worldwide
  • Integrated lightweight application (2Dd/3D views, CAD/GIS editing support, built-in reporting)
  • Compatible with multiple platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux)