AMHS Web Terminal



AMHS WEB terminal – is a software application designed to handle the exchange of ATS (Air Traffic Services) messages via the Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) network. The application operates on the with ICAO SARPs X.400 protocol, allows end users to connect to AMHS to send and receive ATS related messages. The application is developed taking into account the needs of ATS operators.

The terminal can also be used to send and receive free text messages, including attachments. The application is self-explanatory as built on the same principles as e-mail is operating, and therefore does not require special training of personnel to work with the AMHS WEB terminal.

The application provides a user-friendly HMI that includes convenient dialog forms and coloured tooltips popups. As the AMHS WEB terminal is developed on WEB technologies, it allows usage regardless of the operational system types in multi-user mode.

The application was developed in accordance with all spectrum of requirements of the ICAO Doc 9705 “Manual of technical provisions for the aeronautical telecommunication network (ATN), ICAO Doc 9880 PART III “Manual of detailed technical specification for the aeronautical telecommunication network (ATN) and European AMHS Target Profile as a complete solution for creating, sending and receiving ATS messages.

System capabilities and Features 

  • Reception / transmission of ATS messages
  • Creation of text messages and ICAO ATS messages: FPL, SPL, ARR, DEP, CNL, DLA, RQM, RQS, RQP, CHG, CPL, EST, CND, ACP, ALR, RCF, SPL, both from “0” and on the basis of other messages
  • Format-logical control of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Assistance in creating ATS messages with error correction and prompts.
  • Sending attachments / documents.
  • Message templates creation.
  • “Draft message” creation.
  • Address book management.
  • Message printing.
  • Message queue management.
  • Automatic message forwarding.
  • System operation management (archiving messages, logging all subsystem events, maintaining statistics and a notification system).
  • HTML support in X.400.
  • P3 and P7 protocols support
  • AFTN address space and information objects to AMHS conversion using ATN directory information.
  • No length restrictions on transmitted messages within the AMHS network.
  • IA-5 encoding support for AFTN messages.
  • Cyrillic support in General Text ISO8859-1.5 encoding (Latin, Cyrillic)
  • Support of other encodings at the customer request.
  • Multiuser work.
  • Individual user settings.
  • Logging of functional and technological actions of the operator.

AMHS WEB terminal architecture and availability 

The application has been developed using cutting edge technology in both software and hardware.The server part of AMHS WEB is capable of operating on Linux and Windows OS, as well as on hardware platforms from various manufacturers, which allows easy system integration into the customer’s infrastructure.

The client application runs on all popular Internet browsers, which allows to use the terminal from almost any device: PC, laptop, tablet and even a smartphone.

If the server is connected to the Internet, users can work with the AMHS WEB terminal from any physical location while having access to the Internet.

The AMHS WEB server application requires communication with the AMHS message repository using the P3 / P7 protocol over TCP / IP networks. It also requires a TCP / IP connection to connect clients.

System components

  • AMHS Connector – AMHS networking service
  • AMHS Service (Docker) – processing and format-logical message control service.
  • PostgreSQL DB (Docker)
  • NGINX Server AMHS WEB (Docker)


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  • ICAO Doc 9880.
  • ICAO Doc 4444.
  • ICAO EUR Doc 020.
  • ICAO EUR Doc 021.