Apron Drive


This type of PBBs allow for wide range of movement along the parking lots of aircrafts with different technical characteristics. Freedom of movement on the apron with wide ranges of turn, extension of 2-module- and 3-module-tunnels and smooth elevation and descent of a cabin provides perfect experience of operation. Full spectre of sensors provide enhanced security to aircrafts and other equipment.

Tunnels can be produced with glass and steel walls with both options proving its own unique experience and advantage for passengers, operators and users.

Glass-walled PBBs suit well to architectural solutions based on heavy use of reflective materials like glass and provide panoramic view to passengers ensuring sense of presence. Glass options can vary depending on customer’s choice for quality, transparency, gradient and reflection grades. Steel-walled PBBs provide perfect cover from climatic impact.

Apron Drive PBBs can be used with wide range of auxiliary units including Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA), Ground Power Units (GPU), potable water cabinets and Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) providing highest standards of services for passengers and aircrafts. Technical solutions and choice of materials contribute to long life-span of PBBs and equipment and reduce costs of maintenance.