Ascent Double Rise


As its name suggests, Ascent is a seating system that elevates public space furniture to new heights. The series was created in consultation with architects and planners to create a flexible, modular system that could change and adapt as its surroundings evolve. Designed with placemaking in mind, Ascent’s soft contours, smooth textures, and sustainable wood make public space interiors warmer and more welcoming.

Characterised by its sculptural contours and sloping backrest, Ascent takes modular seating to a new level. The concept was created in response to the growing demand for placemaking designs able to shape public space in new ways. As the modules are configured to create a unique variety of curving shapes, they can also create backrests with sloping profiles and eye-catching silhouettes. The design is fully interactive, inviting architects, planners and interior designers to customise the backrests to meet practical needs or find new expressions. Inspired by Scandinavia’s mountains and fjords, Ascent holds the potential to interpret furniture design as a seating landscape for public space interiors. Functional, playful and interactive, Ascent brings places to life and makes every interior unique.

Wood from 100% certified sources
75% recycled post-consumer aluminum
Legs – more than 90% recycled post-consumer steel for legs
Treated with hardwax oil with 0% VOC content
Adhesive with low formaldehyde and VOC content
Individual parts can be replaced.
Total height at highest point:865mm
Depth of seatingpart: 460mm
Height from floor to seatingpart: 450mm
Available shapes: Straight/Curved
Add ons: Armrest, small tables, chargers.