Children playground areas


Modular and easy moveable “Pop Up” play areas

As a pioneer in pre-assembled, ‘ready-to-use’ playgrounds, Rodeco offers a ‘pop-up’ play concept that is fully customizable and suitable to be placed wherever there is unused free space.

The modular, prefabricated playground is delivered on a pallet and can be quickly erected where it is needed. The unique Scandinavian-inspired design is simple and bold, resulting in play modules that make waiting at the gate more enjoyable. The flexible design enables playgrounds to be customized to suit the decor of the surrounding terminal or corridor or outfitted with specific branding when placed alongside a café or restaurant.

The key to Rodeco’s success lies in the versatility of its playground systems. There is no need for the installation to be fixed to the floor, and the modular, detachable floor edges enable the play area to be divided if necessary. Cleanliness and hygiene are important to ensure a playground lasts a long time, so Rodeco’s systems feature gel-coated painted surfaces and floors covered in EPDM rubber for easy maintenance.

A special optional feature is the possibility to have the playground certified in a higher fire-resistance class than usual (Bfl-s1). As a result, Rodeco’s playgrounds meet not only the European safety requirements (EN 1176) but also the highest fire resistance standards.

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Rodeco Pop Up Playground are made of a combination of wood, fibreglass and EPDM granulates. Fibreglass elements are either gel coat painted or covered with EPDM rubber; steel elements are finished with thermoplastic treatment. These features make our playgrounds ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The installation does not need any fastening on the existing floor and the mounting take very short time. The “standing -free” solution give you best flexibility and the possibility to dismantle and replace the playground somewhere else at any time.

All our products are designed for a safe play time and fulfil the European Norms for children Safety EN-1176

• Pre-assembled and modular construction from factory
• Free sizes and shapes
• No fixed installation required – displaceable
• Airport identity and logo integration
• Several add-ons available (benches, fences, wallpapers,…)
• Interchangeable design theme
• Adaptable to fit near the gate, in corridors or unused areas
• Can be divided into two smaller independent areas (optional)
• Available and certificated in higher fire resistance class Bfl-s1 (optional)