Corona Modern, Modular Circular Seating


Corona creates an eye-catching C-shaped seating design for large contemporary spaces and environments. Also available as a full circle to frame trees, planters and large features.

Our composite moulded furniture creates a welcoming space to both impress and relax visitors in airports and commercial areas. Simple curves add beauty and fluidity to exteriors, interior meeting areas, showrooms, exhibition spaces, lounge areas, retail spaces, foyers and lobbies.

Versatile, comfortable and durable, Corona seating will enhance your environment and most importantly, stand up to the rigours of heavy everyday use.

  • Manufactured in segments, to allow great flexibility in space planning.
  • Each seat can be made in any BS/RAL colour to match any colour scheme or interior.
  • Corona is lightweight and modular in construction and easy to install.

Supply options

  1. Weighted: Modules supplied weighted to prevent people from easily moving installations to another area. For flexibility to move seating at a later date and security.
  2. Fitted with anchor bolts: Modules are complete with anchor bolts for permanent fixing – ideal for public open spaces or where security may be an issue.

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  • Unique, modern design – add impact to your landscape or interior spaces
  • Tough and hard wearing – will stand up to the rigours of heavy everyday use
  • Weather proof – can withstand anything the UK weather can throw at it!
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Easily cleaned
  • Any BS/RAL colour
  • Flexible modular design
  • Manufactured by us in Great Britain and delivered throughout GB, Europe and USA.