CX150150DH X-ray Inspection System


NUCTECH™ CX150150DH X-ray Inspection System, NUCTECH’s new generation product of dual-view dual-energy X-ray inspection machine for inspection of large parcels as well as pallet cargoes.

CX150150DH employs dual-view design, images of each view will be shown on a dedicated monitor, thus dangerous objects and contrabands hidden beneath overlapping area are more likely to be found and located. It stands out with more modern and ergonomic design for efficient and professional X-ray screening. With the tunnel dimensions of 1550mm width and 1510mm height, it is perfectly suitable for inspections of large luggage, pallet cargoes at airports, customs, railway stations, ports, logistics company and warehouse, etc.

CX150150DH combined with unsurpassed operation ergonomics, reliability and safety can provide excellent image quality and advanced material classification. CX150150DH offers explosive and drug auto detection as optional.