Domestic Compact Boarding Bridge


The Aviramp Domestic is a compact boarding ramp for use on small narrow bodied aircraft such as the Q200 through to the BAe146. The patented 7.5/8o gradient slopes provide a streamlined boarding and disembarkation process.

Compact Boarding for ‘Domestic’ air travel. Compact in design, functionality and cost!

The Domestic has the unique patented 360° switch back design, though it is different from all of the other versions, due to its size and the aircraft type it services. This product is often purchased instead of the Lite/Regional depending on specific airport operations, due to its deployment on the DASH, ATR, and CRJ models. So as previously stated, the Domestic model is completely versatile, cost effective and multi functional.

Solar and diesel available.

All our boarding ramps and bridges have a series of optional extras that make a more bespoke model to cater for varying weather conditions and boarding requirements.

Pre-boarding facility

One-person operation

Patented 360° design, with 7.5 to 8 degree gradient slopes

Standard diesel or solar powered versions available in this model

Domestic height 1.0 metres (3’3”) up to 1.9 metres (6’3”)

Safe working load 3.2kN per square metre with built in safety factor

Minimal moving parts; virtually maintenance free

Unique anti-slip flooring; even in wet and icy conditions

This product can be used either directly against the aircraft, or where aircraft have fitted stairs in place, a lightweight bridging ramp can be used.

Purchase and leasing options available

Aftersales care with full support helpline, warranty, maintenance and service plans

Full installation, assembly and training mandatory

There is a complete range of optional extras and accessories to customise the basic unit to suit operational and climatic requirements.