DroneKeeper CIF/FIMS for ANSPs, Airports, Authorities and Pilots.

Drones mean innovation, new services for citizens, new business models and economic growth. DroneKeeper will enable the U-space concept unleashing the potential of this new service market while ensuring the safe and secure integration of these drones’ operations in your urban areas and countryside.

DroneKeeper CIF/FIMS is the unique and global solution that you need to structure and control your low-level airspace access and usage. DroneKeeper provides a suite of software components for airspace definition, access control workflow, airspace users’ communications and live monitoring of operations.

Authorities can monitor, approve, and manage drone operations while Drone pilots can plan, validate, and monitor their operations and flights. A proper UTM system increases safety for everyone using the airspace.


To ensure the safety of all airspace users operating in the U-space frame work, as well as people on the ground. DroneKeeper CIF/FIMS gives you the ability to make informed decisions meaning safety will never be compromised. By collating data from the appropriate sources, we provide single source point of truth on which informed decision making can be based. DroneKeeper CIF/FIMS will give you a single, cohesive view of the airspace you are responsible for, and all the aircrafts in it by respecting the privacy of citizens, and minimizing the environmental impact.


To enable high-density operations with multiple automated drones under the supervision of fleet operators. DroneKeeper CIF/FIMS contains an Identity & Registration system in line with European and local national drone management regulations. For ANSPs, we can provide a ready-to-go and fully customizable solution for drone operators to digitally register their credentials in your territory as well as their drones, qualifications and exemptions. Our solution will allow you to identify, track and communicate with individual aircraft/operators, letting you manage the authorization process for drones to access and operate in your airspace.


To provide a scalable, flexible and adaptable system that can respond to changes in demand, volume, technology, business models and applications, while managing the interface with manned aviation.

DroneKeeper’s proven technology can seamlessly be integrated with the existing data structures, workflows and procedures. Web platform, smartphone app, APIs are just some of the possible way of connecting.

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