easykiosk: A Self-Service Kiosk for Border Control


secunet easykiosk compensates for the increased control effort due to the requirements of the EU Entry/Exit System (EES) and offers additional control capacity that acquires biometric data before the counter: Passengers from Third Countries, so called Third Country Nationals (TCN), can take their fingerprints and facial image here.

easykiosk collects, processes and forwards the travellers’ data automatically and highly secure. Once a passenger arrives at the counter, the border police there have already received this information, including the biometric check and background queries – and can now complete the control process much faster will already be provided with their details including biometrics and background systems checks – allowing them to pass through much faster.

Read more about why kiosks play a key role in the launch of the European Entry/Exit System in this whitepaper.

The key benefits of secunet easykiosk:

  • Ensures EES-compliant, high-quality biometric data capturing, processing and forwarding
  • Designed as a simple and space-saving solution
  • Shortens waiting times and allows comfortable EU entry and exit for all passengers
  • Guarantees highest level of security through advanced presentation attack (PAD) and spoofing detection as well as surveillance features
  • Allows optimum intuitive user guidance, process design and passenger flows
  • Can be flexibly integrated into existing infrastructures and its number can easily be adapted according to local passenger volumes.

easykiosk is a part of secunet´s comprehensive secunet border gears portfolio. For more information on this, please visit our EES microsite.