ETELM LTE Macrocell – e-LBS


The e-LBS is a Long Range LTE eNodeB base station operating in different frequency bands (700 MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 2.3GHz and 2.6 GHz) both in TDD and FDD allowing a greater broadband coverage and surpassing typical macro-cell sizes of traditional eNodeB for group communications. This eNodeB is fully developed and manufactured by ETELM, and the enhanced reach of the base station has been achieved using ETELM’s extensive experience in radio propagation, and several man years investment in R&D.

The e-LBS is compliant with the latest international standards (ETSI/3GPP) which allows integration into existing or new infrastructures. The e-LBS can operate with any standard EPC and LTE terminal that is compliant to the standards. The e-LBS is fully interoperable with MCPTT solutions.

In recognition of the importance of LTE for mission critical broadband services, ETELM has designed and developed its own LTE e-NodeB base station e-LBS, which is the latest member of the 4GLinked suite. ETELM’s 4GLinked is a fully integrated platform connecting multiple critical communications technologies (TETRA, DMR, Analogue, P25, LTE) over a single LTE EPC core, allowing seamless interconnectivity of both narrowband and broadband technologies. By integrating a fully standardized MCPTT server within 4GLinked, ETELM is providing an internationally standardized solution that is able to operate on any standard Evolved Packet Core [EPC] network available on the market.

  • LTE
  • 3GPP rel 13+
  • Frequency bands : 700MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 2.3GHz, 2.6GHz, 3.7GHz
  • Both TDD and FDD
  • Transmission power : 15W
  • IP65
  • eMBMS compliant