Flight Strip Holders Rack / Panel


Flight Strip Holders Rack or Panel is used as a representation of all flights in a particular sector of airspace in an airport. The strip board has vertical rails in Stainless steel that constrain the strip holders in several stacks.

HIS is able to provide you with high quality of light grey metal Racks.

We have 2 options available:

  • SHRx10: for housing 10 Strips Holders
            Dimension of rack: width 205 mm x length 345 mm x height 20 mm
    Weight 1.65 kg
  • SHRx20: for housing 20 Strip Holders
            Dimensions of rack: width 410 mm x length 345 mm x height 20 mm
    Weight 3.3 kg

Racks for housing 10 strips holders 8″ x 1»: Width 25mm x High 2mm, Long 34mm, weight 1.65 kg.

Please contact us for any other customize request.