FlyTek HPU


FlyTek offers an industry leading, fully digital, HPU that is simple and efficient. FlyTek HPUs are equipped with a touchscreen digital display and supplemented with intuitive operator interface. This interface allows you to quickly set your calibration needs, and simply press start!

FlyTek HPUs are offered in many configurations and are compatible with both mineral base or phosphate ester oil. Request information for you needs and specifications.

▪ Intuitive touch screen
▪ Safe, zero pressure, start & stop
▪ Wide spec range to meet requirements of your aircraft
▪ Easy access to all filters and service points
▪ Heat Exchanger keeps pump from overheating
▪ Full Drip Pan
▪ Secure Forklift Pockets
▪ On-board hose flushing connections (Eliminating the need for run-around block)
▪ 3-Phase power in all required configurations
▪ Optional contamination monitor
▪ Best in class lead times
▪ 1-Year standard warranty, extended warranty options available.