Safety has top priority – particularly on the apron. When it comes to preventing foreign object damage in this sensitive area, innovative solutions are called for. PAUL WOLFF® has created just such a solution with its specially developed FOD bin. Clearly labelled and designed to your specifications, the FOD bins ensure that there are no misunderstandings when it comes to waste disposal. And thanks to their stable and windproof design, neither the FOD bins themselves nor their contents can become dangerous objects – even in high winds.

Safe, secure and tidy

Thanks to their special construction, the FOD bins are extremely stable and can be placed on the apron without any foundation or anchoring. Their doors and body can be designed in keeping with the airport’s security concept and identified using signal colours. Self-closing lids securely seal the bins, making them rainproof and keeping their contents from being blown by the wind or engines. Practical brackets mounted on the exterior make it possible to temporarily and securely store bulky items.

Cost-effective and long-lasting

The FOD bins help prevent expensive damage. At the same time, their large capacity of up to 1,100l means that they do not need to be emptied as frequently. Cable loops on top of the bins ensure that they can be moved easily and placed flexibly, making it possible to shorten the distances your personnel must walk. Thanks to their rugged design and sturdy housing, the FOD bins have an extremely long service life.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum safety and tidiness
  • Custom design tailored to the airport’s security concept
  • More cost-effective thanks to reduced damage and follow-up costs
  • Proven quality and long service life

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