Fully automatic aircraft washing robot



  • Telescopic arm for greater reach
  • Flexible and efficient brush
  • Automatic washing processes
  • User friendly remote control
  • Diesel or battery powered


With the Aerowash we have taken a great leap towards a fully automatic washing robot. Thanks to new technology, the operator will hardly need any training in order to operate the Aerowash in an efficient and reliable way.

The Aerowash has an intelligent control which enable anybody to become a professional Aerowash operator in no time. Instead of manoeuvring each boom to coordinate the brush’s movement, the Aerowash does it for you. You just need to focus on moving the brush to a specific point. Hence, the Aerowash is extremely easy to operate. The operator can work in a more efficient way and the aircraft washing will be done in a much shorter time than before. As it soon adds up to minutes, hours and days saved, the Aerowash owners will increase revenues and reduce costs. The more Aerowash’ in your fleet, the greater the financial gain.

Aerowash is controlled and operated by a wireless remote control, through which all necessary operating functions during washing are performed. The display includes several reliable safety features and simplifies operation and monitoring. There are comprehensive washing programs that guide the operator through the different airplane sectors. Thanks to the remote control’s ergonomic fastener, the operator’s working conditions is significantly improved.

The efficient brush provides a gentle but high-quality washing result. The brush has an automatic distance and angle adjustment and there are several safety features that protect the aircraft body and operator, such as alarm indicators and safety sensors. With its telescopic arm it can reach over 12 m with great precision.

The positioning time has been greatly reduced in the Aerowash compared to the older version, thanks to an automatic start position and the automatic folding and unfolding. In addition, the Aerowash has four-wheel drive which makes it much easier to move it around the aircraft.


Different models

The Aerowash AW12 series includes both diesel and battery powered washing robots which can wash most narrow- and wide-body aircrafts. The battery powered washing robot is part of our ecoprogram.

AW12 eco