For over 45 years, AtlasIED has been the proven leader in enterprise-wide communications and emergency communication solutions. We are pleased to introduce GCK, our next-generation announcement control system (ACS®) software application that bundles our world-renowned notification technologies into a cost-effective solution for all business types. It utilizes both Audio over Ethernet (AoE) and Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols simultaneously. These network technologies provide enhanced intelligibility for critical notifications and uncompressed high-performance audio within the same environment making GCK truly flexible when implementing various device types within your endpoint architecture.

With GCK software, you can now unify your hardware and add advanced control & functionality to VoIP speakers, digital paging stations, message servers, visual alert displays, network power amplifiers, VoIP & SIP devices, legacy analog systems, and other network peripherals – under one software platform.

Under GCK, these devices can now provide improved daily communication.

Additional features include:

  • High-definition quality audio for clear and intelligible performance
  • Unprecedented message storage and announcement scheduling options
  • Full-duplex two-way intercom
  • ADA compliant visual messaging and graphical way-finding
  • Fully redundant with active failover
  • Built-in Text-to-Speech message support (No need for separate hardware)

During an emergency, GCK stands out as the BEST and most relied upon mass notification and evacuation platform. Utilized by many of the world’s most heavily populated facilities, it ensures confidence during critical alerts allowing for timely response when disasters, emergencies, and crisis happens. Our software solution provides:

  • Automated message instructions sent to emergency responders based upon defined risk management protocols
  • Zone specific announcements to calm, ensure and direct people to safety
  • Simultaneously broadcast to multiple types of end-point devices
  • Complete functional supervision from microphone element to speaker output
  • Allows emergency responders to securely activate alerts and control the system from within or outside the premises via software, telephone, microphone stations or direct interfacing with fire alarm systems