High Frequency Lifter


Ergonomic lifting solutions reduce the high number of work-related injuries associated with manual handling of baggage.

Arrival and departure
Loading or unloading baggage to and from AKEs or open carts.

TAWI’s baggage lift is the ultimate solution for baggage handling between carousels or conveyor belts and AKEs and/or open carts.

Powered by an electrical pump, TAWIs vacuum lifter becomes a flexible, ergonomics and durable extension of the user’s arm. It can also easily lift cardboard or metal boxes and backpacks, just to mention what can be part of the passengers’ baggage. TAWIs vacuum lifting equipment help baggage handlers at airports and ports become more efficient and ergonomic.

Moving, loading and unloading baggage
Moving baggage between chutes, open carts and/or conveyors with minimal effort.

At many airports, the checked in baggage is conveyed and automatically dropped to chutes by the airport’s sorting system. The baggage then needs to be moved from the chutes to carts which will be used for transporting the baggage to the airplanes. The area where baggage is moved from chutes to carts usually is characterized by low headroom and sometimes also limited working space.

For departure at ports, the baggage is usually loaded from a conveyer belt onto open carts which are then transported to the cruise ship.

Handling baggage selected for screening
Fast and efficient handling of baggage selected for screening in checked baggage reconciliation areas.

At airports suspect baggage is diverted from the Explosive Detection System to a Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area (CBRA) and must be lifted and moved from an incoming conveyor to an inspection station. After screening, the security officer needs to transfer the baggage to the outgoing conveyor. Prior to TAWIs solutions for CBRA rooms, this work was performed manually resulting in injuries and decreased productivity.

The CBRA rooms are often unique from one airport to another. Confined working heights, tight spaces and working around pillars requires very flexible lifting solutions. TAWI specially developed vacuum lifting equipment for CBRA rooms enable lifting and transferring baggage in confined spaces while avoiding injuries and increasing productivity.

Moving cargo between pallets and/or containers.
Air cargo is transported around the world in cargo planes that are typically loaded with ULDs (Unit Load Device) or container and cargo pallets. Before the cargo is loaded onto the airplane, it needs to be sorted and loaded into a ULD, a work that also includes moving air cargo between pallets and open type of containers.

After unloading the airplane, the cargo must be unloaded from the ULD to appropriate types of load carriers used for the next transport at the airport. This loading, unloading and sorting process is often carried out manually, causing repetitive work-related strain injuries with lower productivity and high sick absence as a result.

High-frequency lifting with TAWI

High-speed lifting has never been easier. Grip and lift baggage, boxes and other goods, quickly and easily with TAWI’s high frequency lifter.

  • Lifting capacity: <50kg
  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
  • Stroke: 1720 – 1840 mm
  • Lift, boxes, drums, baggage, food products and more

High-frequency manual handling

With TAWI High frequency lifter you can grip and lift quick and easy with just one hand. The suction foot can hold most types of packaged goods.

  • High-speed box handling
  • Grip from the top or from the side
  • One-handed lifting with user-friendly joystick handle
  • Customized suction feet to suit your boxes
  • Rotate boxes 360°
  • Suction feet can be customized to suit your load
  • Available in stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Easily grip the load from the top, and release just as easily
  • Fast and efficient component handling
  • Customized suction feet to fit your specific components
  • Load can be rotated 360° and released exactly where you need it
  • Lift all types of baggage
  • Angle adapter allows picking up bags at 90° angle
  • Safe and user friendly baggage lift

Our most rapid lifter, TAWI High frequency lifter is available in 4 models with lifting capacity from 35-65 kg.


Lifting capacity 35 kg
Hose diameter 80 mm
Lifting speed 0-1 m/s
Max length lift tube 3000 mm
Stroke 1840 mm


Lifting capacity 45 kg
Hose diameter 100 mm
Lifting speed 0-1 m/s
Max length lift tube 3000 mm
Stroke 1720 mm


Lifting capacity 55 kg
Hose diameter 120 mm
Lifting speed 0-1 m/s
Max length lift tube 3000 mm
Stroke 1720 mm


Lifting capacity 65 kg
Hose diameter 140 mm
Lifting speed 0-1 m/s
Max length lift tube 3000 mm
Stroke 1720 mm