Hospital-grade air purifier by Rensair


The Rensair air purifier destroys viruses and bacteria while most conventional air purifiers simply collect and trap. The patented solution uses the most advanced purification technology, but what makes the difference is it’s unique composition:

Rensair takes in surrounding air from the top and it travels through a pre-filter, trapping larger particles and dust. The pre-filter is easy to remove from the top of the Rensair air purifier to clean and will not have to be changed.

A powerful fan (up to 560 m³/hour, 20,000 ft³/hour, 155 litre/second) pushes the air into a cylinder-shaped HEPA 13 filter below. The fan is a key component of the Rensair design. An extremely high static air pressure is created in the cylinder due to the high quality of the HEPA filter, and hence a strong fan is necessary.

As particles hit the inside surface of the HEPA 13 filter, bacteria, viruses and other airborne microorganisms are stopped. The continued air flow keeps the microorganisms stuck on the filter surface while the UVC lamp, placed in the centre of the cylinder, continuously illuminates the entire filter surface, thereby “disinfecting” the surface by destroying the DNA in bacteria, viruses, etc.
Destruction on the filter surface further reduces the potential for contact with hazardous material during filter change.

A large volume of clean air leaves the Rensair at 360 degrees.


  • Hospital-grade components, incl HEPA13 filters and ozone-free UVC light
  • Large air processing capacity of 560m³/hour (20,000ft³/hour)
  • Requires no installation, simply plug it in and turn on
  • Minimal maintenance required, 9,000 hours (~1 year) of continuous run time before any service is needed. The display will tell you when it is time
  • Three airflow settings with timer functionality
  • Air quality sensor: Built-in particle counter can automatically adjust airflow based on impurities in the air
  • Dimensions: 80cm x 42cm x 42cm  (2’7″ x 1’5″ x 1’5″)
  • Weight: 18kg (40lbs)
  • Noise levels: only 50db at the standard setting, 67db when running at maximum capacity
  • Available in 220v and 110v versions
  • CE marked, manufactured to EEA standards of health, safety and environmental production
  • Portable design including wheels