In house design ductile iron triangular covers and frame with safety bars For airport electrical and lighting networks



  • Safety: safety bar blocking at 90°
  • Easy opening: triangular covers
  • Security: turnbuckle locking system with coded key
  • Third party certification


  • Opening assistance
  • Custom badging
  • Special coating
  • Safety grids and ramps
  • DT9S075075 AVOTC SB F900 NF
  • Double triangular cover
  • Spheroidal graphite cast iron cover and frame according to ISO 1083 (type 500-7) and EN 1563
  • According to the class F900 of the standard EN 124: 2015
  • NF certified by third party AFNOR
  • Coating is black water-soluble paint, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-polluting
  • Clear opening: 750 x 750 mm
  • Frame external dimensions: 905 x 951 mm