As the world’s first truly modular airport seating system, inFINITE offers unprecedented levels of flexibility, durability and comfort due to its beamless construction and use of Dura-Z, a high performance engineered metal replacement composite.

The award winning modular seating system offers outstanding durability and style, combined with minimal maintenance, factors that make it commonplace in leading airport terminals and concourses across the globe.

inFINITE’s iconic design provides unlimited flexibility, available in a diverse range of colour options and finishes, such as laminated wood or leather upholstery. The modularity of the system also facilitates the addition of tables or power options. inFINITE is also available in a recliner format for additional levels of comfort.

The beamless seating solution is available in a wide range of configurations, including Arc, Solo, Duo and back-to-back layouts. This is supported by the opportunity for continuous adaptability, enabling airports to maximise on all available space throughout the gateway or terminal during its impressive lifespan.