Hybrid Check-in Solution


INTOS introduces the fully integrated hybrid with the following characteristics:

  • Check-in counter that is designed to be used as either a traditional or selfbagdrop counter. The counter can be ordered as a traditional counter and converted at a later stage into a hybrid or it can be ordered directly as a hybrid.
  • The freedom to choose which type of functionalities are desired within the counter. The design and configuration of the counter will be adapted accordingly.
  • The counter can be converted overnight.
  • No need to make high investments. All the installed check-in counters are prepared to be converted at a later stage.
  • High level of flexibility in the provided future proof solution.
  • Compact, space saving, solution in design and integration.
  • Flat frontal surface without any protruding components, providing a passenger friendly solution.
  • Ergonomically friendly solution where each components is integrated with eye for usage.
  • Natural wayfinding, where it is visually clear if the counter is to be used as a self-bagdrop.
  • Optional reduction of hardware components by combining usage between operator and passenger.
  • The design is based on accessibility and service where the customer has the freedom to determine design specifications and materialization.
  • Integration is according to the available space of the existing infrastructure and floorplan of the check-in positions. This means that if the counter has a width of 1000mm, the integrated SBD will be fitted accordingly.