Led Future Hand Luggage Tray Disinfection System


Led Future has invented an automatic system using UVC radiation, disinfecting each tray after use. The system can be implemented in both new as well as used check-in conveyors. Different models are provided for returning and non-returning conveyors as per customers’ needs.

The system utilises UVC LED technology, allowing an efficient, effective, and yet compact solution. Depending on the desired bacterial reduction, the exposure time per trays is only a few seconds, thereby not hindering the efficient operation of the line itself.

The disinfection solutions manufactured by Led Future are energy efficient, durable, and automatic, eliminating any possible human error in the disinfection process. Safety features ensure that the system poses no threat to passengers or airport personnel.

  • Controlled through WiFi with mobile device
  • Optional connectivity through GSM or LoRa
  • 34 UVC Led units, 275nm wavelength
  • Total continuous UVC irradiation 4080mW Max. 6528mW
  • Theoretical UVC energy 4,66 mJ/cm2
  • Input 100-260 Volts AC
  • Current 0,75 A (Max)
  • Approx. weight 65kg