Lufft Ceilometer CHM 15k


The LIDAR-based cloud height sensor / ceilometer CHM 15k is prepared to work throughout the year and in any climate

The Lufft CHM 15k has a double-walled housing combined with integrated fan and automatic heating system. Thus, it provides reliable protection against misting, precipitation, freezing or overheating.

Exact results due to high sensitivity!
Reliable and accurate results at any time of the day or night are ensured by the use of long-life laser sources, filters with narrow bandwidth and high-sensitivity photodetectors.

  • Measurement of aerosol backscatter profile, cloud base height, cloud penetration depth, aerosol layer height, cloud cover, vertical visibility, sky condition index
  • Measuring range up to 15 km (50,000 ft)
  • Optimized detection of several cloud layers
  • Simple eye-safe operation
  • Service-friendly modular device design
  • Various data telegrams including raw data
  • Interfaces: RS485, LAN, RS232 or Modem V.21, V22
  • Single wavelength backscattering technique
  • Cloud layers
  • Cloud penetration depth
  • Sky Condition Index
  • Vertical field of view (VOR)
  • 15 kilometres
  • 1M Laser
  • User-friendly
  • Atmospheric research
Measuring principle Lidar (optical, time of flight)
Measuring parameters
Description Aerosol backscatter profile
Range 5 … 15,000 m (16 … 50.000 ft)
Time resolution 2 … 600 s
Range resolution 5, 10, 15 m
Quality and auxiliary values External and internal temperature, window status, laser status, receiver status
Target parameters
Quantities given in layers Cloud base height (CBH), Cloud penetration depth (CPD), Aerosol layer height (ALH)
Number of layers 1 – 9 layer (programmable);
3 layer preset
Accuracy (measured on hard target in 10 km distance) ±5 m (±16 ft)
Additional quantities Cloud cover in octas (WMO 2700), Vertical visibility in m, Sky condition index
Standard interfaces RS485 (ASCII communication)
LAN (Web-Interface, (S-)FTP, NetTools)
Optional interfaces DSL modem, RS232 for service
Electrical parameters
Power supply 230 VAC or 115 VAC, ±10 %
Power consumption 250 W (Standard)
800 W (in maximum heating mode)
UPS functionality (opt.) Internal backup battery for electronics >1 hr
Laser-optical parameters
Light source Nd:YAG solid state laser
Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse energy 7 µJ
Pulse repetition frequency 5 – 7 kHz
Filter Bandwidth 1 nm
Field of view receiver 0.45 mrad
Operating Safety
Environmental compliance ISO 10109 – 11
Laser protection class 1M, IEC 60825-1:2014
Protection level housing IP65
Electrical Safety EN 61326 – 1 Class A
Certifications CE
115 VAC version compatible with FCC/ CSA
International standards Complies with ICAO frangibility requirements
Operating Conditions
Temperature range -40…+50 °C
Relative humidity 0 … 100 %
Wind 60 m/s
Dimensions 500 x 500 x 1550 mm
Weight 70 kg (130 kg incl. Packaging)