Mobile Tower


A resilient solution for our global aviation clients, the Mobile Tower features an adjustable 9-metre vertical, hydraulic mast delivering an impressive average 20 Lux coverage over 3600m2 via four highly efficient, asymmetric 326W LED Titan floodlights.

Midstream’s Mobile Tower continues to be a steadfast solution for many global clients, with its primary use being to fulfil the precise requirements of apron applications allowing for the commissioning of Code F and Code E aircraft stands in full compliance with ICAO and EASA requirements.

The unique features of the Midstream Mobile Tower are based around our sophisticated proprietary optics, and deliver a highly asymmetric beam to reach the minimum lux requirements, even at the back of the aircraft stand, without tilting the luminaires.

By using our specially developed optics, we can provide the ICAO compliance without the high levels of glare typically found with traditional generator lights. Beneficially, the Midstream Mobile Tower also comes complete with official  ICAO compliant lighting design. This can  be submitted as a part of the certification documentation.

  • A multi-directionally adjustable, mobile floodlight tower with 4 highly efficient, asymmetric 326W LED floodlights, designed specifically for large area lighting with low glare conditions.
  • 7-section hydraulic vertical tower, up to 9m height, 340° rotatable. Galvanized metalwork with 80 µm powder coating. Guided main coiled cable to avoid damage during tower operation. Certified wind stability up to 110 km/h.


The Midstream Mobile Tower is available in a number of other versions and configurations and can be customised according to the end-user’s requirements.

  • Plug-in power: M-Mast unit is operated through a 230V power line for locations where electricity is readily available but infrastructure works or liquid fuels are inappropriate or prohibited. Zero noise emissions. Low maintenance.
  • Hybrid Power: M-Hybrid unit is operated with a series of rechargeable batteries together with a diesel engine to reduce fuel usage, CO2 emissions and noise levels. Also available as M-Hybrid Mobile version.
  • Military Power: Military application may require some bespoke features and colours. Our products are customisable and can be tailored to individual use. Robust design to survive harsh conditions. Key Features
    • Automatic Mast Operating Safety System
    • Light sensor for automatic start
    • Longitudinal and transversal forklift pockets
    • Optional socket to power lights from mains supply
    • IP67 certified
    • European manufacturing
    • Up to 200 hours running time
    • Tower 340° rotatable
    • Certified wind stability up to 110 km/h
    • Stabilizers adjustable in height
    • Central lifting hook
    • Remote operation available
    • Complies with ICAO Annex 14 requirements
    • Asymmetric floodlights for low glare operation