NexLog DX-Series Voice Recording Systems


Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series Voice Recording Systems (VRS) have been deployed at ATC locations in over 60 countries. The NexLog DX-Series VRS provides voice recording, archival storage, secure storage and easy access to recordings.  NexLog DX-Series VRS includes redundant power supplies a redundant RAID-based hard disk array, and a highly reliable Linux Operating System.   NexLog DX-Series VRS fully supports the ED137B/C Part 4 recording interface, as defined under EUROCAE WG67.  ED137B/C support enables the NexLog DX-Series VRS to interoperate with and record from any ED137-capable GRS, CWP or VCS/VCCS.  Recorded calls may be accessed directly from NexLog DX-Series optional front panel touch screen controls or via Eventide’s MediaWorks DX replay software.

Eventide ATC/ATM Recording – At a Glance

  • RECORD: Use NexLog DX-Series systems to record from all types of ATM and ATC audio sources, including controller working positions (CWP), voice communication control systems (VCCS), ground radio stations (GRS), and various telephony devices and telephony circuits.
  • CAPTURE:  Fully synchronized recording and replay of screens and audio at Controller Working Positions (CWP) using the NexLog DX-Series software-based screen recording option, which supports both Windows-based CWPs and Linux-based CWPs.
  • PROTECT: Choose retention periods for recordings and impounds.  Protect recordings from undesired deletion.  For added security take advantage of our SSL and Encryption at Rest options.
  • REPLAY: Intuitively locate, organize, and replay that are recordings stored on the NexLog DX-Series system using our MediaWorks DX software. Recordings can be easily examined, updated and listened to.
  • IMPOUND: Once your desired recordings have been found, you can easily organize them, such as creating & saving them as impounds, saving an impound as a Quarantine, and packaging an impound for export.