Overwing Nozzles


Being a market leader in petrol station nozzles, our product range includes overwing nozzles for aircraft and helicopter refuelling – with AVGAS or JET-A1 spouts and suited accessories.

Our next generation overwing nozzle ZVF 50 has well received by aircraft refuelling perators worldwide. It meets the JIG guidelines, is lightweight, has good handling properties, and boasts an extremely low hold-open force and sensitive flow control. ZVF 50 is available with a variety of equipment options.

For the installation on board of airfield refuellers, a corresponding nozzle boot NB-ZVF 50 can be delivered.

The following nozzle types are commonly used:

  • Manual nozzles: ZVF 50 and ZVF 25 (free of non-ferrous metals)
  • Automatic nozzles: ZVA 25 AF (free of non-ferrous metals) and ZVA 32