Passport, airport seating by Javier Cuñado


Designed by ITEM DesignWorks, the shape of the seat surface and the backrest at Passport adapts to the shape of human body ensuring a comfortable and healthy position, with the possibility of special seats for disabled users.

The system uses an extruded aluminum center structure for support, reinforced with internal structural vaults and side panels of cast aluminum end fixed by clipping and screwing. All of the benches are manufactured with the highest polyurethane quality standards and have a 2 mm thick internal steel structure, which provides them with impressive strength as well as comfort during use, in addition to being fire resistantUV radiation resistantstain proof and static proof, thus preventing the adhesion of suspended particles and facilitating their cleaning. This design includes a specific model for people with reduced mobility.

Passport Catalogue

Total length: from 165 to 329 cm

Maximum set up of 6 meters-wide benches (10 units)

Height: 95,5 cm

Seat length: 48,4 cm

Seat height: 43,2 cm