PSIairport/IT: Infrastructure & Services


Our infrastructure packages and services which are designed for the specific requirements of airports, once again ensure that your operations run smoothly.

We provide proven and standardised infrastructure packages based on our many years of experience with high-availability and high-performance airport systems. In collaboration with our partners in the IT hardware, networking, alarms and camera surveillance, database technology, control systems, and steel industries, we provide all the products and services needed to meet your requirements – and everything is from one source.

In order to keep infrastructure operating costs to a minimum and to ensure that you are equipped to cover any contingency, we offer multiple daily infrastructure checks, regular training for your staff, periodic contingency testing and much more within the scope of a Full Service Maintenance agreement. In combination with the high-availability hardware, this pro-active maintenance ensures that your operations run smoothly – a useful investment in the future.

  • Delivery of server systems specially tailored to airport requirements
  • Planning and installation of networks (copper, fibre optics, WiFi and site-to-site VPN)
  • Delivery of IT equipment (hand-held scanner, work stations, displays, etc.)
  • Planning and installation of camera systems
  • Planning and installation of sorting displays (FNA)
  • 24/7 support (hotline, monitoring, health checks/system reports)