Remote Temperature Mapping of Cold Rooms


Our fully automated temperature mapping service gives you the opportunity to manage a very complex study in an easy and customer friendly way.

Our technicians will assist and support you during the entire mapping process from remotely without any local interference in your facility. No matter if it is a temperature-controlled facility, refrigerated vehicle or thermal dolly, we can manage it, in a short and easy way.

You will receive a kit with all the necessary hardware connected via cloud to a secured database, where the system calculates all necessary parameters automatically (hot & cold spots, stable areas etc.).

Dedicated staff from our control tower will be always in contact with you worldwide during the entire process. Fully compliant data integrity documentation will be issued after each process.

The temperature mapping service is based on the dimensions of the temperature controlled facilities, the dimensions and the temperature ranges that need to be analysed (i.g. +2+8°C, +15+25°C. -20°C) etc.