Ricochet Recording and Replay Systems for Air Traffic Control (ATC)


The Jotron Ricochet system has focus exclusively on recording for the ATC market. The Ricochet software modules are flexible and can be assembled in a multitude of combinations. In addition, an unlimited number of channels can be recorded simultaneously. The recorder can be fully integrated with any Jotron radio and is based on COTS hardware.

Ricochet Recorder system supports a wide range of data interfaces and protocols. All data streamed on a serial line or an IP network can be recorded.

The replay user interface is simple and intuitive. A visualisation of recorded data is displayed on a timeline. Replay commences immediately, selecting and deselecting channels or changing replay time is done by the click of a finger.

Ricochet includes a generous amount of replay tools such as individual volume control, left or right speaker control, an audio analyser (slow speed replay with pitch control, looping, fast forwarding, bookmarking, video zooming, panning and snapshotting) and data forwarding option. Realtime monitoring functionality is also available.

  • The fastest response time
  • The most flexible system structure
  • Unlimited recording capacity for all data
  • Open standards
  • Legal recording and Controller Working Position (CWP) recording in one system