SANI PASS™ Disinfection Channel


We offer three different models of Sani Pass.

  • M64 – Unit for small to medium audience traffic.
  • L76 – Unit for heavy audience traffic with a larger bay.
  • T96 – Portable unit to facilitate remote location operation.

The use of a Sani Pass disinfection channel in combination with a proper face mask provide the necessary assurances in the prevention of contracting COVID-19 through cross-contamination when entering a populated space. The disinfection channel is equipped with strategically placed misting nozzles that disperse a very fine, dry fog of organic, non-toxic, non-irritant disinfection solution to assist in protecting individuals when entering a confined area (indoors and outdoors) by eliminating 99.9% of various germs and viruses that may be present on one’s body, clothing, and carry-ons. Sani Pass is handicap accessible and easily accommodates disabled persons without issues.


  • What is the disinfectant agent used in Sani Pass?
    Sani Pass utilizes Anolyte, nature’s disinfectant. In fact, the substance is naturally produced by one’s white blood cells in order to fight off infections. Using a mechanical process, the pH of the water-based solution is lowered to the correct level, thus generating a liquid that one`s body creates naturally. In essence, the same substance that your immune system uses to fight germs.This substance is known to kill 99.99% of all harmful bacteria, germs and viruses, such as Coronavirus, MERS, SARS, Influenza, E-Coli and other Noroviruses. It is safe for humans, including children, expectant woman as well as pets. Additional qualities of this natural disinfectant are its non-flammable, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly. Our exclusive provider for Anolyte is HOCl.
  • What is the dry fogging process used in Sani Pass?
    High oscillating ceramic plates produce a very fine mist, similar to a dry, heavy fog that is channeled into the disinfection unit through a series of nozzles.The fine droplets leave no residue and will not harm your hands or facial tissue, clothing or carry-ons.The active disinfection agent becomes temporally affixed to one’s body, clothing and carry-ons to eradicate any viruses and/or bacteria that may be present on the respective surface.
  • How long does the temperature check and disinfection process inside the Sani Pass channel last?
    The entire process is completed in approximately 8-10 seconds per person, depending if mask detection or other features are actioned.
  • What is the correct procedure for using Sani Pass?
    Step up to the touch free hand cleansing wash supplier. Stretch out your hands under the supply nozzle and wait for liquid to be squeezed into your hands. Apply evenly to both hands.Look up to the screen for face mask detection/temperature measurement. Upon detection of face mask and normal temperature proceed to disinfection chamber.Remove all outer clothing, including coats, scarves and hats, and hold in your hands.When the nozzles are issuing the dry fog pause for 5 seconds with arms extended at shoulder height in the center of the chamber. After approx. 5 seconds have elapsed proceed to exit the unit and into the disinfected venue or area.
  • What happens if someone with a fever or without a face mask tries to enter Sani Pass
    Depending on the desired programming of the unit either or all of the following scenarios will occur:* A visual signal is triggered and the person is asked to step aside by the machine and/or attendant.* An audible alarm sounds and the person is asked to step aside by the machine and/or attendant.* The automatic doors to the unit do not open preventing the person with fever or without face mask to proceed further into the disinfection chamber.
  • How often does the operating staff need to perform maintenance?
    Check and clean the filter every 4-6 days of operation. Refill the hand sanitizer dispenser and disinfection solution as needed.
  • What is the weight of the Sani Pass unit?
    Depending on model number about 300kg (660 lbs) per unit dry weight.
  • What is the warranty for Sani Pass?
    A one-year warranty on all parts and labor will be provided subject to the unit’s compliance with the operational requirements as set out in the user/operational manual. Additionally, the use of other liquids other than the recommended disinfection solution will void the warranty and cause damage to the operation of the unit itself.
  • One-stop disinfection shop for transport related industries
  • High quality products with customised western based internal technologies
  • ISO 13485 medical quality management for the manufacturing facility
  • SGS certification for the manufacturing facility
  • Sani Pass warranty included in any sale
  • All items are CE or UL certified for use in Europe and north America
  • RoHS certification for all units
  • Proprietary non-toxic, food grade disinfection agent approved by various health ministries
  • Dry fog disinfectant application leaves no residue on any surface
  • One of a kind disinfection unit
  • Leasing options available