SC20 - 28VDC Solid State Frequency Converter 28VDC Solid State Frequency Converter


Our expertise in power electronics and electromagnetics for 50 years, and cooperation with airlines and aircraft manufacturers, enables us to guarantee you electrical power at 28Vdc for very reliable, efficient, and measurable aircraft power supply. GUINAULT power supply provides the power supply at the lowest costs for the aircraft of today and tomorrow.

The GUINAULT SC20 combines the following advantages:

  • Performance and efficiency
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Silence and comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Reduced maintenance

STURDY DESIGN: GUINAULT SC20 is designed with an ultra-corrosion resistant galvanized chassis, designed for rough  conditions. The cooling airflow is fitted with fine granulation air filters. The SC20 is all weather resistant, for operation indoor and outdoor, from -30°C to +55°C.

REDUCED MAINTENANCE: The maintenance is limited to the air filter cleaning or replacement, once a year.

RELIABILITY: The design is based on robust thyristors, air cooled power pack, and IP55 design ensures the highest reliability.

SIMPLY OPERATION: The operation is limited to pushing an ON-OFF button to get the power at the plug.

MILITARY SPECIFICATION DESIGN: In option, the unit is fitted with reinforced Electromagnetic Compatibility according to MIL-STD-461. The MIL SPEC SC20 is certified according to MIL-STD-461.

POWER OUTPUT: The power quality complies to all applicable, including MIL-STD-704F, SAE ARP 5015 and complies with all aircraft requirement.


  • Voltage: Three phases 50/60 Hz – 400 VAC +/- 10%
  • Section / length of cable: 4 G 16mm² / Length 10 meters
  • Current: 63A
  • Earth leakage protection: 30mA


  • Number of 28Vdc output: 1
  • Section / length of cable: 4 x 95mm² / Length 10 meters
  • Voltage: 28 Vdc – adjustable from 22 to 32 Vdc for test purposes
  • Rated Power: 17kW
  • Permanent current (output): 600A
  • Overloads: 1000A during 60s, 1200A during 30s, 1500A during 10s, 2000A during 5s


  • 450kg with cables – 1690 x 956 x 1190 (mm)


  • Use: Indoor and outdoor
  • Operating conditions: -30°C to +55°C