Surface Friction Tester Trailer


The Skiddometer System is a method to determine the breaking action on airport runways by measuring friction coefficient of the surface. It is designed as a trailer towed by any car or seamlessly integrated to the vehicle and incorporates the benefits gained from more than fifty years of experience in this field.

Skiddometer BV11, the world’s leading Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CFME). Skiddometer® runway friction testing systems are used today in civil and military operations with close to 400 units.

Systems consist of the Skiddometer BV11 trailer and Touch Screen Computer for calculating, recording and printing friction data. Optionally the system can be equipped with “WMS” or “On-Board” self-wetting systems. Besides using the Skiddometer during rain, slush, and snow conditions (operational use), the Skiddometer is also used for checking the runway surface condition and “rubber build-ups” (Runway Calibration), i.e. measuring wet friction at a water depth of one millimeter. This measurement is based on recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and ASTM standard E 1960 – 98. Based on the authorities recommendations, the surface should be inspected regularly and the trend should be monitored.

Since wet pavement always yields the lowest friction measurements, we offer a self-wetting system which simulates wet pavement surface conditions and provides the operator with a continuous record of friction values along the length of the runway. The integrated electrical water pump and nozzle and are designed to provide a uniform water depth of 1 mm (0.04 inches) in front of the friction measuring tire. This wetted surface produces friction values that are most meaningful in determining whether or not corrective actions are required.

Skiddometer BV11 is listed and recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).