Thales Cogent Face Recognition Platform (FRP)


Highly efficient world-class face recognition solution for better user experience and improved security

Identity & Biometric Solutions

Embedding a leading-edge face recognition algorithm, Cogent Face Recognition Platform (FRP) provides offers adapted for surveillance, physical access control / passenger boarding, forensic investigation, ID check, mobile face recognition, and a development toolkit for embedded applications.

The FRP offers are

  • FRP Watch for surveillance by quickly identifying persons of interest from live video stream and sending real-time alert;
  • FRP Verify for granting access by recognizing authorized person including liveness detection
  • FRP Search to find kown persons in a large database of photos, or in recorded videos
  • FRP mobile app for standalone face recognition
  • FRP SDKs, software development kit for 1:1 and 1:n match that can be used for various standalone/embedded application

More details can be found in each of the product brochures.

Proactive Security

Simultaneous Recognition
Automatically recognizes multiple faces simultaneously from live footage or imported footage. This lets you identify individual people from dynamic, uncontrolled environments.

Several-to-Many Comparison
Captures several images of each person and compares them to many different reference images. This greatly increases the accuracy of matches and the likelihood of a successful ID.

Real-Time Alerts
Faces are captured and matched in roughly 1 second, and any connected desktop PC or mobile devices are notified immediately so you can take action quickly to help prevent a problem before it happens.

Easy Integration

Existing Equipment Connectivity
Images are captured from a wide range of compatible cameras connected to the server, requiring no proprietary hardware.

Flexible Server Deployment
Adapts to your preferred environment and functions as an on-premise software.

Easily Scalable
You can scale the system up from a local to national level simply by connecting more devices.

Efficiency With Accuracy

Accurate Capture
Supports multiple faces per frame, 5-50 frames per second and 720p- 4K image resolution, ensuring captured images are readable from a wide range of cameras.

Image Quality Normalization
Utilizing score normalizing algorithms, the software can be utilized to help identify matches from low-quality images.

Flexible Software

Dashboard Watch List
Allows you to enroll and categorize over 1 million faces as “cleared” or “not cleared” in a customized watch list.

Software Developer’s Kit
The capture-and-match algorithms are available in a robust software development kit so you can integrate one-to-one matching with Gemalto document readers.

Investigation Support
The software can also import footage and still images from a range of cameras not connected to the system. This allows for suspects in criminal investigations to be identified with the same several-to-many approach.

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