Towable Passenger Stairs


Our towable passenger stairs are suitable for use with a range of aircraft including B737 and A320 models.

Simple, strong and reliable this range of stairs are the perfect solution for quick and easy embarking and dis-embarking of passengers for busy ground handling operations.

All of our products are designed to be robust enough to cope with the rigorous demands of airport ground handling operations while still being cost effective for our customers.

We offer on-site assembly and commissioning of products when required allowing customers to save on transport costs for larger orders.

Standard Specification:

  • Fully galvanised steel chassis and framework
  • Powder painted side panels and platform doors
  • Heavy duty towbar with lift to lock brakes
  • Non slip aluminium chequer plate steps and platform
  • Manually operated stabilisers
  • Manually adjustable platform height

Optional Extra Features

  • Powder painted chassis and framework
  • Solar powered LED lighting strips
  • Aluminium grill on steps with back infill
  • Automatic stabilisers
  • Hydraulic platform height adjustment
  • Company branding