'traffic-lines duo twister' Ultra-frequency high-pressure water blasting system.



  • Patented Technology Made in Germany
  • Up To 50,760 PSI
  • Working Width 3.10 m / 4.20m
  • Modular System – maximum degree of flexibility
  • Maximum Cleaning and Suction Performance
  • Surface Performance Per Unit Up To 4.980 m² / h
  • Operation Time at Least 6 ½ Hours (at pump performance 54 l / min)
  • Surfaces Are Nearly Dry After Cleaning
  • Gentle on Surfaces and Joints
  • Economical and Eco Friendly

Optimised traction minimises delays to flight operations.

The traffic-lines duo twister® has an innovative high-pressure water blasting system which efficiently and cost-effectively removes rubber abrasion from airport aprons and runways. Powerful against rubber and gentle on surfaces, joints and markings.

Rubber abrasion on airport aprons and runways – especially in the touchdown zones – needs to be removed regularly to ensure that flights can operate safely on a continuous basis.

Rubber abrasion can interfere with braking when aircraft is landing, particularly in wet conditions. It can also make it more difficult for water to drain away. The steering ability of the aircraft can be affected considerably by the water film.


The patented technology used in the traffic-lines duo twister® high-pressure water blasting system effectively removes rubber abrasion up to a rate of 50,760 PSI. Working width is over 3.10 m and also available in 4.20 m. Particularly effective, gentle on surfaces and makes an efficient use of resources.

The jet water and the particles of loosened rubber are sucked up in one single step. The runway can be operational immediately after the abrasion removal process has been completed.

OTHER AREAS, WHERE THE traffic-lines duo twister® CAN BE USED

Deep cleaning:

  • porous asphalt surfaces
  • concrete surfaces
  • bituminous floor surfaces
  • special asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • noise-reducing surfaces
  • anti-slip covering

Restore infiltration capability.
Removes concrete sedimen.

Operating pressure:                  1000-3500 bar | 14500-50760 PSI
Flow rate:                                    40-77 l/min | 11-21 Gallon US/min (infinitely adjustable)
Suction performance:               18000-32000 m³/h
Suction degree:                          98% (ultra-dry)
Water consumption:                 0,5-0,9 l/m² (by reusing water) 

Working width:                          3100 mm / 4200 mm
Working speed:                          0,1 – 6 km/h
Time w/o interruption:             up to 8 hours
Performance rubber removal: 3800 m²/h | 4980 m²/h 

Tank capacity fuel:                    1100-2400 l | 1300-2500 l
Fresh water capacity:               12100 l – 16500 l
Waste water capacity:             11000 l 

additional water tanks and water loop for reusing water extend working hours,
stepless electric height-adjustment for overdriving unevenesses and cleaning landing fires,
emergency button 

*These dates apply in connection with the Power system.