VettingGateway® is a new background and employment vetting system, created by security software pioneers – IDGateway®. If you’re looking to get your employees working quicker, with the highest of security and vetting standards, VettingGateway® is the right solution for your team and business.

Our smart solution is fully self-configurable and designed to take care of your background checking requirements. You can setup all the required reference templates for each airport (or just use the versions we provide). You can then set up what we call “criteria”. These criteria are the rules that define the background check you wish to undertake. For instance, you can tell VettingGateway® that you are doing checks for a full airside pass at Glasgow airport for applicants starting in 2-months’ time and the applicant is going to obtain their own Criminal Record Check.

Offering a seamless integration with the already established AirportGateway®, VettingGateway® goes one step further to boost your operational efficiency. Once a background check is completed using VettingGateway® you can automatically transfer all of the data and documents into AirportGateway® to complete an ID application and apply for an ID pass. This integration is able to considerably speed up applications by up to 30 minutes each, resulting in a saving of up to 1.5 days a month for each member of your vetting team.

Core Benefits:

  • The only solution to be integrated with AirportGateway®
  • Verified referees
  • Workload management
  • Reference generation (online, email and hardcopy)
  • Gap Referencing
  • Automatic chasing
  • Applicant portal
  • Bespoke templates
  • Regulatory rulesets
  • Custom workflows
  • SMS
  • GSAT checks
  • UK Criminal Record Checks
  • Support Plan
  • Service level agreement