VisionRi is an innovative, market-leading retail partner that offers pioneering ‘SMART’ shop and ‘SMART’ vending solutions.

Today’s dynamic retail landscape has generated tech-savvy consumers who expect to be serviced through clever and effective technology. VisionRi does exactly that, Our Smart store offers online telematics, digital advertising, location based messaging services, sampling facilities, home delivery options and numerous other bespoke apps.

The VisionRi is a cashless system incorporating the latest in cashless payment systems, QR-Paypal, NFC, apple pay, bankcards. The age of cash is soon to be a thing of the past and as such the VisinRi has embraced this disruption enabling it to be ahead of the game. No longer will a unit be vandalised for the money.

Customer experiences matter as much as the product they purchase. Let us propel you into the future of shopping through ‘SMART’ retail.

Incorporated as the front to the VisionRi is a 46 inch HD screen, which when in idle provides Full motion graphic and video playback enabling advertising to be displayed to further brand awareness within the given location. The VisionRi can also be configured to provide up to the minute information in regard of offers, events or public notices that may be required.

All this is controlled remotely with our patented control software, enabling all functions to be remotely monitored, altered and scrutinised to give the best experience possible.


  • Height: 1830 mm
  • Width: 956 mm
  • Depth: 925 mm
  • Weight: 425 kg

Electrical particular:

  • Nominal voltage: 240VAC
  • Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
  • Nominal current: 4 Amps
  • Machinery noise: below 70db
  • Electronic control: fully PC controlled via Vendmeshtm PC

Machine operating conditions:

  • Ambient temperature: 20oc ( +/- 15 oc)
  • Humidity: 50% ( +/- 15 %)

Standard configuration:

  • The main chassis is constructed from insulated electro-zinced sheet with ecological
  • polyurethane foam. The door assembly is constructed from steel sheeting and the inner door includes ecological polyurethane foam.
  • The standard colour of the machine is black.
  • The machine includes a 46” HD display and 6 point IR multi-touch panel as standard.
  • Front tempered glass is 6mm thick.
  • PC controlled operating and management system
  • Fragile elevator delivery system
  • Product anti-theft system
  • Vend-detect optical sensor
  • Panel arrangement to allow fitting of a range of standard payment systems. Options available on request including bespoke layouts to meet client requirements
  • Cooling system 2 ⁰C with two option temperature zones
  • Spiral dispense mechanism, including synchro spirals
  • Online ready, direct from the factory