Specially designed to weigh baggage at airports “check-in”, Bag2R is an airport weight indicator with ethernet option, perfect for weighing equipment dedicated for airports as it can save time and space.

Space saving : no need to have two conveyors ( as an option);

Time saving : no need to wait until the passenger leaves the check-in desk for the weighing of  new passenger’s baggage;

Easy to use by the flight attendant and quick to understand;
– operator interface : the bar graph shows the weight progression and gives heavy bag detection alert, warning message with programmable setpoint.
Adjustable display contrast & brightness. Diagnosis features with digital load cell.
English, French and simpli­fied Chinese.
– passenger interface : simultaneously displays with adjustable brightness prompt warning message for heavy bag and overload warning

Easy and quick to install.
Only 2 screws are needed (plans and dimensions are in the product sheet below).

As an airport weight indicator, it works with a platform scale. Approved for legal-for-trade transactions, its dual display consequently allows a client-host use.
Moreover, Bag2R is compatible with most standard analogue load cells. Therefore, it may be associated with a single or 4 load cell scale. It may also be associated with a roller conveyor.
It consists also of a housing.
This housing include two opposite high brightness displays by red LED.

Weight display for the client side at the check-in :
“WEIGHT” of 5 numbers
“TOTAL” of 6 numbers
“BAG” of 3 numbers

Weight display for hostess side at the check-in :
“BAG” of 3 numbers

As a result, high precision display with 8 key buttons :
– Add bag, remove bag, belt start
– Clear, zero, kg/lb switch
– Power ON/OFF

Feature of the Bag2R, luggage scale at the check-in:
Standard Power Supply : 12 V
Infrared sensor : 5 V
Analog connection : 1 to 4 weighing sensor of ohm
Temperature use : – 10 °C / + 40 °C
Temperature storage : – 20 °C / + 60 °C
Maximum precision of weighing : 6 000 scales divisions accordance with standard EN 45 501 : 2014 / OIML R76-1:2006 class III.

Packing information / dimensions of inner box:
Operator parcel : 20.1×16.6×10.2cm (0.63kg)
Passenger panel : 16.3×11.3×9.3cm (0.35kg)
Adaptator and cables: 15.8×8.9×3.5cm (0.15kg)