Wood Feature Wall


Wood Feature Walls by Futimis feature an interlocking tile system that allows for hidden mechanical fasteners and a seamless installation. The tiles are finger-jointed together, hiding any seams that would typically be visible. The system is custom sized for each project and comes complete with all necessary hardware, drawings and instructions. The installation typically requires one day for Wood Wall Systems, depending on the size and complexity. Additionally, Futimis can offer installation services for all of our offerings. Typical Wood Feature Walls have over 64 different sized wood pieces to provide a truly original and custom pattern. Futimis provides complete shop drawings and installation drawings for each project.


  • Bespoke options allow for a variety of styles and textures.
  • Quick, easy and fabrication free installation.
  • System is not limited by project size restrictions.


  • Futimis Wood Feature Walls are offered with backlighted LED diffuser panels.
  • Stainless Steel and/or Powder coated steel accent trims and caps.
  • Since the wall is entirely customizable, Futimis can change the wood thickness, width, and length, creating different 3D effects.
  • The mounting direction can be horizontal, vertical, or at any angle.
  • The wood species used is typically American Black Walnut but it can be any wood species. Finishes can vary depending on the client’s needs.
  • Fire retardant treated backer tiles can be provided along with a fire suppression coating to the wood.
  • Feature Walls can also be provided as freestanding units or screen walls.
  • Signage can also be incorporated into the Wood Feature Walls.


  • The system is custom fit to the client’s size requirements.
  • The individual tile sizes are also custom sized for each.