A-DCS Enables IATCI with Resiber to Manage IBERIA Flights

Company A-ICE
Date 22.07.2019

A-ICE is delighted to announce that passengers travelling with IBERIA and IBERIA Express from airports with the integrable, cloud-based A-DCS in operation, will be able to check-in not only for first leg departing flights, but also for onward connecting, interlining flights too.

The InterAirline Through Check-In (IATCI) is a 60-member-strong industry interest group, working closely with IATA and the PADIS organisation to provide messaging standards guidelines, facilitating the introduction of simplified yet secure inter-airline check-in without the need for CUTE or local DCS integration and significantly reducing costs.

Through check-in with Iberia from Bari Airport now operational

Passengers can benefit significantly through the A-DCS IATCI integration and Iberia. With through check-in including seat selection and other options, the check-in process is simplified for passengers and greater efficiency and enhanced functionality achieved across the airport and airline infrastructure.

Bari Airport is among the first to begin operating with Iberia Express and the flexible A-DCS-IATCI integration. Flight passengers are already beginning to enjoy advance check-in with Iberia from Bari Airport and Genova is set to follow soon.

Increased functionality and efficiency with minimum training and investment

Even for small airports, A-DCS with IATCI can help realise significant benefits in terms of infrastructural investment. Check-in and boarding processes for interlining flights can be fully managed without the need for CUTE systems integration and this has great appeal.

Interest in integrable solutions from A-ICE has increased dramatically, and we’ve enjoyed real success following our participation and networking at global airports exhibitions and events this year. Our A-DCS solution has already become a proven, reliable system that is ticking vital boxes for airports and airlines of all sizes in terms of increasing efficiency and functionality, ease of use, compliance and the high levels of support offered by A-ICE itself.

The ease of use of the system contributes to its success, as minimum training – both initial and ongoing – is needed.

A-ICE looks forward to soon welcoming more airlines on board with the A-DCS-IATCI integration. Talk to us today to discuss how to streamline your airport and airline operations with a suite of fully integrable solutions that bring flexibility and efficiency and a positive impact to passenger experience.


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