A Good Flight Always Starts From The Ground

Company OMB Srl
Date 30.05.2018

Every day, thousands and sometimes millions of people pass through every airport: a moving world that needs to receive information easily and within reach of eyes.

With this in mind omb, the Italian manufacturer of Video/Audio Supports, designed and produced STANDYALL: floor support for video wall.

Produced entirely in aluminum, lightweight but as solid as the rock of Gibraltar, it is ideal for creating a maxi video-wall exactly at eye level for the more distracted or in a hurry traveler.

STANDYALL has been designed for supporting 4 monitors up to 55” and for a maximum total weight up to 160Kg. The structure is 186cm high and 167cm wide with strong support bases to be exposed in the crowded environments in absolute safety.

A simple, flexible and durable solution to be installed in every airport or logistics port.

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