A-ICE to showcase innovative aviation technology for unlocking operational efficiency in debut at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019

Company A-ICE
Date 06.03.2019

A-ICE, a leading innovator in aviation IT, will demonstrate how airport providers and airlines can enhance operational efficiency through its advanced software products at The Passenger Terminal EXPO (PTE) 2019.

The company, which is based in Rome and making its debut at the event, will be showcasing its range of integrated applications on stand 2108 at London’s ExCel.

In combination with A-ICE’s support services, the products provide airports, airlines and ground handlers with a suite of tools to manage critical functions for both passenger and back-end operations.

Products being demonstrated by A-ICE at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019 include:

  • Scalable flight display information system with multiple language support (A-FIDS)
  • Centralised, web-based communications system (A-MIS)
  • Automated baggage tracking and reconciliation (A-BRS)
  • Complete, IATA-compliant contract and billing package (A-CAB)
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuelling (A-VMS and A-FUEL)
  • Data analysis and forecasting
  • Departure control (A-DCS)
  • Load control and balancing (A-WBS)

Claudio Costantini, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-founder of A-ICE, said: “In today’s aviation industry, airlines and airport operators are required to deliver a seamless experience at every step of the passenger journey. Having the right systems and technology in place is crucial to achieving this goal, and many companies are having to adapt fast to succeed.”

“Because A-ICE is built on a combination of engineering expertise and a deep understanding of the aviation industry, the products we offer are built for purpose and designed with integration in mind.”

“We are delighted to showcase these products at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019, and we welcome the opportunity to meet with delegates to discuss how they can be used to boost operational efficiency and provide a great experience for passengers.”

Alongside its product offering for commercial aviation, A-ICE will also be showcasing its Collaborative Logistics Optimization System (CLOS), an intelligent decision-making software tool that accelerates and optimises the planning of military logistics missions.

CLOS takes variables in capacity and cargo into account, and then calculates the optimal logistics schedule using a sophisticated algorithm and machine learning, ensuring pallets and aircraft are loaded safely, securely and with maximum efficiency.

For more information, visit A-ICE on stand 2108, or email us at sales@a-ice.aero.


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